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Ray Moloney


Sport has always been a part of my life, from a young age I was involved in various sports from rugby to soccer to hurling. My rugby career really began in 2009 when I joined Young Munster Rugby Club which I spent 3 seasons with. I continued my rugby career in Australia where I continued playing senior rugby with Palmyra. While in Australia, my interest for coaching sparked. The opportunity arose to come home to coach and play with Navan RFC. What began as a backs coach position progressed to a head coach position - throughout my 8 years with Navan, we gained 3 promotions and I accomplished my IRFU stage 4 coaching badge. Covid offered me the opportunity to achieve my diploma in Personal Training in Strength & Conditioning, something I have always wanted to do. This furthered my skillset and allowed me to finally put my longterm goal into action and set up my own gym. With Fit Factory Roscrea, I wanted to create a community where people can achieve their goals while still having fun.

David Warren


Having worked in the leisure industry for the past number of years, I have taken away valuable knowledge and experience. Different training and courses I have completed have also added to my experience and coaching mentality. I have always been keen on my own training and love to challenge myself personally which I believe benefits my coaching. I also encourage other members to challenge and push themselves as much as possible in the gym. If you don’t succeed on the exercise or a lift today, stop, recalculate, rethink, and try again tomorrow. So far, seeing the progress of the members in the gym has been unbelievable and I can’t wait to be a part of what is to come.

Functional Fitness

A Functional Fitness Class at Fit Factory Roscrea is a 60-minute session that focuses on training which prepares the body for real-life movements and activities. Strength, cardio, mobility and endurance are elements of training that our Functional Fitness Classes improve. Each class includes a warm-up, a skill or strength element and is then followed by a WOD which is a high intensity workout and this differentiates every day.

Strength & Conditioning

A Strength & Conditioning Class at Fit-Factory Roscrea is a 60-minute class that focuses on a variety of tools to improve movement, health, and physical performance. Weight-training, strength, mobility & stability are elements of training our Strength & Conditioning Classes improve. Each class includes a warm-up, two main lifts, such as deadlifts or overhead presses, which is then followed by accessory lifts to compliment our main lifts.


Pay As You Go

  • Pay As You Go Package allows you one session over a 14 day period.

8 Credits A Month

  • 8 Credits A Month allows you 8 sessions over a 30 day period.

12 Credits A Month

  • 12 Credits A Month allows you 12 sessions over a 30 day period.

No Pain, No Gain

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